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Mix eight is an uptempo and high energy mix for the club from NYC DJ and producer BLASFEMMEOUS.

BLASFEMMEOUS was resurrected somewhere in the depths of underground NYC nightlife. She appeared first to the coven in her midst, and then to the world at large, traveling to perform at venues in SF, NYC, Philly, and Spain. She opened for Evan Giia and Tierra Whack. She has played with a variety of NYC collectives and clubs (Xoxa, Jupiter Disco, and H0L0, to name some), and is a resident of London-based Threads Radio. She has thrown concerts with Still Woozy, BIA, CupcakKe, and Madame Gandhi. Her crunchy, shimmering, eclectic sound incorporates her appreciation for electronic sounds of the past, present, future, and fourth dimension from which she originates. The club is her temple.

Soundcloud: @blasfemmeous


Yazzus - 43 Wonky Raver
Fracture- 16 GETTIN DIS PAPR
Crystal Energy - Liquid Child
Anz - Cheer Up Love
Silvestre- 35 Sozinho
Nikita Zabelin - Four Gents (Quartett)
RAW - I Hate Models - Pray for Lust (Cleric Remix)
Korros - Lies Against Truth
Ismus - Marketplace - Sadiscoteque
Om Unit - Long Summer
Vladimir Dubyshkin - MILF Stalker
Korros - Hopeless Riot (Kaiser Remix)
Pier - Ritalin 
Hinako Omori - 早歩き [haya_aruki]
Sérgio - Benja!

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