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MIX SERIES: #07 Zoë Mc Pherson


Mix number seven is from Zoë Mc Pherson, a cutting edge journey through contemporary electronic styles.

Zoë Mc Pherson is a producer, sound designer, live performer and DJ based in Berlin, whose new album States of Fugue is “Adventurous, freestyling Designer-Electronics in cut-up style”

As well as creating music for movement & sound enthusiasts, Mc Pherson is a multimedia artist interested in bridging the worlds of sound and visual art. In 2018, she released album/art project, String Figures, created with visual artist and director Alessandra Leone.

Both started new platform/label, SFX in 2020, focused on developing & releasing objects & experiences across various mediums, including an ongoing project called Xquisite Force, an AV collaborative thread involving amongst others : Forces, Ainissa V, ZULI, Sam Wiehl, Aylu, Petra Hermanova, Hulubalang, Constant Fernandez, Kaltès, Iamnatural, Patrick Defasten, Aho Ssan, Flore and many more yet to be revealed.

Performance highlights include Mutabor Moscow, De School Amsterdam, Krake festival Berlin, ZVUK Almaty, Schiev Beursschouwburg Brussels, Meakusma festival Eupen, Concrete Paris, Nottingham contemporary ; “Best experimental video” at Berlin music video awards, a “Vimeo Staff pick” ; screenings at the Australian Center for moving image, Melbourne ; an award for best 2019 electronic artist at Belgian ‘Octaves de la musique’.

Soundcloud: @zoemcpherson

Dasha Rush - 100 Hearts
Speaker Music - Black Secret Technology is a Traumatically Manufactured and Exported Good Necessitated by 300 Years of Unaccounted for White Supremacist Savagery in the Founding of the United States
Jasmine Infiniti - GHETTRO
Rhyw - It Was All Happening
object blue x TSVI - Thought experiment (upcoming on Nervous Horizon)
z0it - Shoe Study 4
Duval Timothy - Like feat. Vegyn
Duckett - High Ceilings And No Relationship
Zoë Mc Pherson - Alva (upcoming on LAVALAVA Records)
Forest Drive West - Void Control
SUBURBASS - Dirty Deedz
Flore - Peninsula (upcoming on SFX)
Inertya - New Dawn
Aho Ssan - Xquisite 0001.08.02 (upcoming on SFX)
Ciarra Black - Vessel (upcoming on Pendulum recordings)
DJ Python - Junos
Black Snake Whip - Sucker
Gillie Mc Pherson - We Go Ooh, We Go Aah (unreleased)

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