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MIX SERIES: #05 Meta


Mix number five come from Meta. A beautiful mix with a bumper tracklist where each track exists as a brief moment in time. In her words - 'The mix represents the speed at which we experience life. Each song acts as a moment, quickly moving from one to the next, often blending together as one.'

Meta AKA Mera Crowther is a sound design artist and producer based in Montana. She creates evocative and unique sound experiences through the deconstruction of old trance samples, choir music, and field recordings. Her music represents moments from her life reimagined into stories based in the far future.

Her latest work, “The Yearning of Illona (Steps of Light)” will be released on an upcoming compilation called “Travels to Sadness, Hate, & Depression Vol. 2” on Voidance Records.



Vangelis - Dream in an Open Place
Malibu - Lost at Sea
Soho Rezanejad - Naples Waterfront
Croatian Amor & Varg2TM - New Face
Renick Bell & Fis - Algo-Nave
Erik Levander - År av tvivel
Giulio Aldinucci - Venus of the Bees
Voronoi - V25 (Jesse Osborne-Lanthier Re-Work)
Cecile Believe - Yellowjacket
Tomasz Bednarczyk - Down by the Earth
Penelope Trappes - Nite Hive
Charles Taciturn - Unsettled Spirits
Giulio Aldinucci - Rhizomatic Realities
SØS Gunver Ryberg - The Cutterhead
Alex Augier - Germination
Dis Fig - Watering
Eric Holm - Esme
Neunau - Organi di Fondo I
Siavash Amini & Saåad - Time Is A Child Playing In The Sand
Gašper Torkar - I Dream of Others
Steven M Halliday - Sound and Stone, Pt. 5
Jonas Munk - Shadows
Julianna Barwick - Afternoon
Malibu - Camargue
Giulio Aldinucci - The Overturned Abacus
Jan Nemecek - I Pretend
Obsequies - Languish
Eric Holm - Trifolium
Enigma - Second Chapter
VASE - Beech Tool (Katsunori Sawa Remix)
Jan Nemecek - Still II
Aho Ssan - Simulacrum IV
Erik Levander - Oförankrad
Julianna Barwick - Inspirit
Rabit - 10
Jónsi & Alex Somers - Chapter Three (Alex Somers Remix)
Jonas Munk - Eastern Horizon
Dean Hurley - Birth
Eluvium - Abyss Forms
Federico Albanese - 682 Steps
SASSY 009 - Fake News (Interlude)
Sam Slater - Blade for a Double Edged Sword (Shapednoise Remix)
Jan Nemecek - Breathe
Philippe Vandal - Reality Tunnel (Jesse Osborne-Lanthier's Total Umwelt Remix)
xin - All That is Solid
Silver Waves - V (Giant Swan Remix)
SØS Gunver Ryberg - Biophotons
Soho Rezanejad - This Dream
Cecile Believe - 7 PM (Accretion Disk Edit)
Silk Road Assassins - Overgrown
Lorn - Down the Traitor Within
Placid Angles - Breathe Her In
Eric Holm - Phorcys
Paul Van Dyk - Ejaculoutro
Jaap Vink - Tide 85
A Winged Victory for the Sullen - Sullen Sonata
Siavash Amini & Saåad - How Far Can You Go When You Close Your Eyes
Kasper Bjørke - Seminom Non Seminom
Role Porter - Burial
Abul Mogard - We Dream All the Dark Away (Abul Mogard Remix) [feat. Fovea Hex]
J. Carter - A Lover's Discourse (Angelo Harmsworth Revision)
Moby - A Season in Hell
Giulio Aldinucci - The Eternal Transition
Moby & Mimi Goese - When It's Cold I'd Like to Die (LP Version)

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