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The fourth mix comes from LAIR (aka Laura LAIR). A beautiful, healing mix that blends folk and classical music with ambient, electronic, spoken word and poetry.

Laura LAIR is an Irish sound artist, energy & sound healer and yoga teacher. Her music blends elements of ritual, mysticism, deep listening, sound healing, meditation and energy work.

The final track in this mix is available at -

LAIR also released her debut self-titled EP on Eotrax in 2017, available here -

Instagram: @lauralairmusic
Soundcloud: @lauralair


Diana Collier - I Sing of a Maiden Who is Makeless
Yumiko Morioka - Komorebi
Camilla Pisani - Sleep Party People
OYBN-Kusatta hada
WaqWaq Kingdom - GaGa
Teishi-1 - Gold & Black
Elaine Howley - Blossom
Sofie Birch - Mu Evans
Natalia Beylis - The Steadfast Starry Universe
Craig Walker - See You On The Otherside
Olga Wojciechowska - Infinite Distances
poemme - at the gates of dawn
Laura LAIR - Toward Light

Poetry, read by Laura LAIR:
A Blessing from ‘Eternal Echoes, Prisons We Choose To Live In’ - John O’Donohue
How I Go To The Woods - Mary Oliver

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