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MIX SERIES: #02 Okkre



Samuel Kerridge, Taylor Burch - Transmission 3
Buck Young - Twister
Eszaid - Ne parlons pas de ruines
François J. Bonnet, Stephen O´Malley - Erosion always Wins
7038634357 - Love Unbound
Dis Fig - I Am the tree
FRKTL - Fire Upon the Deep 
Caterina Barbieri - Pinnacles of you
Rafael Anton Irisarri - Visible Through The Shroud 
An Gella - Bad Analogy
Gonçalo Penas - Introdução, Umbigo
Alessandro Cortini, Lawrence English - Immediate Horizon 3
Okkre - Amanecer (field recording #Paraguay)
Sly & The Family Drone - New Free Spirits Falconry & Horseman  Display
Samuel Kerridge, Taylor Burch - Transmission


The second mix is from Spanish artist Okkre. A beautiful, thoughtful mix that flows between noise, ambient, contemporary classical, synth and improv..

OKKRE is the new project of Gijón-based sound artist Uge Pañeda, composer and producer of the now extinct female duo LCC (Editions Mego). LCC’s last album -Bastet- was recorded and produced in EMS Stockholm (Sweden), IAC Malmö (Sweden) and her studio in Gijón (Spain), and was world-premiered at Sónar Festival 2017 as an A/V show in collaboration with the visual artist Pedro Maia. Bastet was also showcased at Berlin Atonal or Mutek Mexico among other festivals.

Now under the Okkre moniker, she has collaborated with the choreographer Aimar Pérez Galí producing an unprecedented music piece for 'Epica', a dance performance with live soundtrack. Her most recent studio work is Arkhé, having its Spanish premiere at L.E.V Festival, followed by several dates in South America and Spain - her live performances are powerful experiences with gargantuan and majestic heavy rhythmics that border on the edge between industrial and techno.

Her latest releases have been remixed tracks of respectively 'Empty Airport Rmxs' (Editions Mego, 2019) by Chra and Reconnect Remixes (Eotrax, 2019) by Eomac; together with artists like Fennesz, Pita or Silvia Kastel for the first and Errorsmith, Kyoka, Renick Bell, Dylan Henner or Nene H for the latter.

OKKRE is also a frequent documentary and experimental cinema music composer. She recently contributed to the 'I hate New York' documentary soundtrack -directed by Gustavo Sanchez-, sharing credits with renowned artists such as Arca, Ryuichi Sakamoto or Koreless among others. 

Okkre represents the immersion within a creative process based on the coexistence of her different trainings and musical sensibilities; it is the polyhedron that embraces various faces of the same figure in interaction with diverse artistic expressions. As psychologist, she likes to deepen the impact that sound has on the emotional state and human behavior. 


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