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MIX SERIES: #16 Maral


Mix 16 comes from LA based Iranian-American artist Maral. A beautifully eclectic mix featuring 'edits of Iranian dub, unreleased tunes and tracks I've been digging.'

Maral has spent the past half-decade quietly honing an approach that meshes the latest in club music contortions, a range of pulverized dub effects, and samples from her library of Iranian folk, pop and classical musics.

She has released music with Astral Plane Recordings and Leaving Records. Her most recent album is 'Push' (Leaving Records, 2020), a confident step forward from Maral’s club & mixtape work into a powerful collection of original songs.

As a DJ, she enjoys exploring music from around the world and showcasing the hidden gems from the past and present. Through her music and involvement in the scene, Maral seeks to both educate and have a positive impact on others.

She presents a regular show on LA's Dublab

Soundcloud: @maral66


Repeter - The Armchair Explorer

Various Artist - Mashhad: masnavi 

Moor Mother & Yatta - WE 

H31R - Precious Silence

Hooshyar Khayam & Bamdad Afshar - Char

Maral & Panda Bear - On Your Way 

Black Dice - White Sugar


ELUCID - Hyssop

Maral - Avaz-e-Del

Dj Haram - No Idol

Azita - Baba Heydar

Dj Manny Teklife - Fade Away

Maral - ????

Samsimar - Bapikek Balam

Prince Jammy - Brothers of the Blade

Mahmud Karimi - Masnavi, Bayat-E Tork

10 Below ft. Kele Le Roc - My Love

Maral - feedback jam

700 Bliss - Passionfruit 

Crass - Health Surface

John Glacier - Platoon

Ase Manual - Pillow Fight

Maral - lorestan punk

Hayedeh - Dashtestani 

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