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MIX SERIES: #15 Hara Alonso

Bendik Giske- Adjust
Bromo- Golden Race
JASSS- We Solve This Talking
Project Vainiolla- NoX
Ipek Ipekcioglu & Petra Nachtmanova- Uyan Uyan
Helena Hauff - Spur
Electric Indigo- Sept
Murcof- Maíz
Naerlot- Lily of the Valley
Jasmine Guffond- Post Human
Klara Lewis- Twist
Nicola Ratti- L6
Pan Daijing- Act Of The Empress

Mix 15 comes from Stockholm based Spanish composer and pianist Hara Alonso. A beautifully eclectic mix of contemporary electronics.

Hara Alonso is a Spanish pianist and composer based in Stockholm. Emerging from a classical contemporary background, in her current work electronic and instrumental music coexist along with interactive works.

Her music blends dance, electronica, and experimental aesthetics generating rich, complex and imaginative sonic universes. The piano is resignified as a sonic object able to range from microlyrical sequences to convoluted layers. Hara usually applies self-made software tools, modular synthesizers and own samples. She is an advocate of open source software where she finds the possibility to design limitless sound.

She has collaborated in many interdisciplinary projects throughout the years especially with dance, visuals and circus. She has developed a great interest in physicality and choreography that evolved into the use of body awareness as a method for her composition.

Her album debut, Pianoïse (2018, Keroxen label), was her first exploration around the merge of piano and electronics using live coding. Her second album Islas Sonoras (2019, CAAM- Sonoro), launched by CAAM-Sonoro was an atmospheric journey through field recordings and processed samples. In 2020 she collaborated with the electronic musician Moljebka Pvlse for his anniversary publication of Heaven’s Great Dome | Discourse on Deconstruction in the label Reverse Alignment.

Her work has been showcased at many international festivals including Sound of Stockholm (Sweden), Biennale de Musique en Scène (Lyon, France), S.T.R.E.A.M. Festival (Hamburg, Germany), Experimental Sound Gallery (San Petersburg, Russia), Prisma Festival (Panama) and Keroxen (Tenerife, Spain).

Soundcloud: @hara-alonso

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