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This year we are inviting people from different areas of the music industry, alongside producers and DJs, to showcase a wider array of voices and perspectives on music and music scenes. Mix 13 is the first of these mixes,  a high energy selection of club bangers and the world debut mix from ENYO.

"A homage to my teenage years in New Jersey. My integration to Black American society after moving to America and my first solid introduction to electronic music. A mix of my old and new favourites with the help of a dear friend with technical mixing. Creative process, selection, order and structure of the mix done by yours truly." - ENYO

ENYO has worked in the music industry for many years in New York, Berlin and Amsterdam. She is a booking agent to acts such as E-Saggila and Kia and is also recognised within the techno community for her past roles with Herrensauna and Odd Fantastic. She also works in music publishing and fashion and is currently a booking agent for indie model agency VEIN.

Soundcloud: @enyo-face


Janet Jackson - 70’s Love Groove
Slikback & Hyph11E - Black Pepper
Ase Manual - Sensu
AceMo - Mind connection
JavaScript - He Zahoe (Ase Manual remix)
ANZ - Help your hips move
Dbridge - Last Nerve
Team Lilian - That Footwork
DJ Tray, UNIIQU3 - Nasty
Bambounou - Hale
Eat it Up - Ase Manual
Cookiee Kawaii - Vibe, Pt 2
Killa Kherk Cobain - Heartbroken Unicorn (Jersey Club)
DJ LILMAN - The Return (feat Ms Porsh)
Ase Manual - Shakti (New Position)
DJ Frosty, Fatman Scoop - Ride That Wave - Remix
DJ LILMAN - Team Lilman Anthem
Sjayy - HEAT WAV
Russell E.L. Butler - The Home I’d Build For
DJ LILMAN - That Foot Work (Feat Frosty)
Ja Rule & Ashanti - Mesmerize
Blu Cantrell - Hit em up Style (oops)

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