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Jake_Muir – reservoir of memory
Loscil - subaquatic
perila – ewdsxweads
Cleared - The Key (Philip Jeck Mix)
Rosso Polare - No. 3
Space Mountain - Cloud Monolith
Nexcyia - 24Dec
Zoë Mc Pherson- Mutabor
Carlo Giustini - Intermezzo (La Capacità Di Arrendersi)
Mary Lattimore - Don't Look
Endless Melancholy – Expand
Raft of Trash - A Rented Horse (1996 Plates)
John Kolodij - At Dawn

Mix 11 comes from an artist who has had an incredible year - KMRU. He has delivered a beautiful and engaging mix of ambient tones and textures. A soothing and fitting final mix for this tumultuous year.

KMRU is a sound artist, experimental ambient musician, based in Nairobi, Kenya. His works deal with discourses of field recording, improvisation, noise, ambient, machine learning, radio art and expansive hypnotic drones.

He is currently a prospective at Universität der Künste Berlin for sound Studies and Sonic Arts Master's Program, 2020.

KMRU is a regular at Uganda’s Nyegenyege Festival and performed acclaimed sets at Berlin’s CTM(Music Makers Hacklab), Gamma Festival, Mutek Montreal(AI Lab)and Unsound festival(intermission),to name the most notable, and exhibited in Abuja Art Week in Nigeria. He has presented online works for Sonic Agency Festival, inbetweenspaces, Gamma lab XR and ADE 2020.

He earned international acclaim from his ambient works, such as the 2020 full-length Peel released on Editions Mego, ranked ‘Great Records You May Have Missed: Summer 2020’by pitchfork, Jaron Seil records amongst dozens of self-releases on his Bandcamp.

KMRU debuted his RA mix in 2020, presents a monthly show on Internet Public Radio, guests on NTS and Rinse FM, organizes workshops for Nairobi Ableton User group, and a core member of Black Bandcamp.

Soundcloud: @kamarujoseph

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