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MIX SERIES: #10 Jana Rush


The tenth mix comes from the Chicago based DJ and producer Jana Rush. An hour of energetic footwork and juke from one of the best.

By day Jana Rush works as a chemical engineer at an oil refinery and at night she works as a Cat Scan Technologist assisting doctors in pathology detection using CT scans. Jana also has a background as a paramedic/firefighter.

Chicago born and raised, Jana Rush started DJing at the tender age of ten and started producing just three years later. She is influenced by Robert Armani, Lester Fitzpatrick, Cajmere, DJ Milton and DJ Deeon, the latter of whom she released with on Dance Mania in 1996 as “DJ Deeon Presents The Youngest Female DJ”.

Whilst DJing in the early 90s at WKKC Jana gained friendship with DJ Rashad, Gant-Man and Nehpets and has been a regular at juke and footwork events in Chicago.

After taking a break from music, Rush re-entered the scene with 2016's MPC 7635 EP, released on Objects Ltd., receiving attention for her mind-bending drum acrobatics. She then kicked off Objects Limited’s 2017 year with her debut release, Pariah, an album rooted in Chicago's footwork sound but with a myriad of other influences, including as jungle, acid, soul, jazz, and house.

Soundcloud: @jaru-1

No tracklist.

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