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First up in this brand new mix-series is the debut mix from OMIC. Ahead of his debut EP on Forgot Imprint this mix explores a wide variety of sounds, drawing from contemporary and classic pop music, noise, classical, electronic, garage rock and more.

OMIC is a new side-project from Ian McDonnell - better know as electronic music producer and DJ Eomac - exploring the experimental, the unusual, the idiosyncratic side of his output. Inspired by the idea of 'outsider' music and explorative producers like Jim O'Rourke and Arthur Russell, OMIC approaches music without the constraints of genre and style or any of the 'dancefloor' considerations and conventions that are usually present in Ian's music. Off-key vocal experiments, downtempo electronica, ambient, noise, pop, techno - expect all, any and none of the above. 


AR Luciani - Desol 2
Arca - Piel
6K - Tight
Anika - Sadness Hides The Sun
Leyland Kirby - Night Owls
OMIC - Set The Controls (Rebirth)
The Body - Off Script (Remixed by Moor Mother)
Delia Derbyshire - Music Of Spheres
Inga Copeland - Obsession
Ennio Morricone - Doricamente
Twinkle - Terry
不在话下 - ffffffff
Sorry - Lies
UCC Harlo - Bach Gamba f*cked
Seqouyah Murray - Here We Go
Nina Simone - End Of the Line
Kelly Moran - Iris
Eileen Carpio - The Rose Bush
Mika Vainio - Behind The Radiators
MSYLMA - Min Bab Jihad-i Alljtihad
Y-DRA - Trance Korslet
Jenny Hval - Ritual Awakening
Ihor Tsymbrovsky - By The Sea
Black Spirituals - Mantanzas Dub
Kate Bush - This Woman's Work

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