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LAIR - 'I Hurt So I Cry' [ETX007]

Artist: LAIR

Title: I Hurt So I Cry

CAT#: ETX007

Release date: June 29th, 2021

Format: Cassette & digital

Distributed by: Rubadub

Pre-order: Bandcamp

A1 Foreshadow

A2 I Hurt So I Cry

B1 A Shift

B2 Hope Springs

LAIR - BANDCAMP MOCKUP 2 (3000 x 3000).j



LAIR returns to Eotrax with a new 4-track EP.


Following her 2017 self-titled debut EP, releases on Urban Legend and Rhod Records as well as collaborative projects in the visual arts and dance she returns to Eotrax to release I Hurt So I Cry this summer. 


Created using elements of sound healing and sacred sound I Hurt So I Cry can be engaged with from a purely musical perspective or listeners can take advantage of its sound healing qualities and use this EP as an active sound bath- active in that the listener intentionally uses the music to support them in going within and releasing, resting and restoring their body, nervous system and heart.


As with all LAIR’s work, the music is composed using only her voice with one exception, a sampled cello in the EPs first track Foreshadow. This brooding opener inhabits the dark ambient world we've come to expect of her music but as the EP unfolds ethereal vocal lines mix with her darker sound and a new, lighter sound world is revealed. 


In the artist’s words:


“A shadow falls across our lives, we hurt so we cry, the feeling starts to shift and from that shift hope can spring.”


Both intimate and expansive, the tracks create a feeling of existing outside time. LAIR’s profound connection to nature can be felt through all the tracks - at times in a deep cavern, at times moving through an elvish forest and at times in an Otherworld.


Released on June 29th on red cassette & digital with artwork and design by Goldmoth Media. Mastered by Dominic at Declared Sound.

LAIR - Artwork (3000 x 3000).jpg



LAIR is an Irish sound artist, energy & sound healer and yoga teacher. Her music blends elements of ritual, mysticism, deep listening, sound healing, meditation and energy work. She also writes music under the monikers Laura Kilty and Laura LAIR and is one half of the duo noeverything with Eomac.

So far in 2021 she has had releases on Adaptive Sonic, Urban Legend Records, and wrote the soundtrack for Barely A Person, a multidisciplinary piece by the dance company Expandance which was premiered in May as part of the Heroines, Harpies and Harlots Festival at Sonoma County’s Cloverdale Performing Arts Centre. This potent dance piece created by Rachel Wynne expresses the emotional toll postpartum depression has from the perspective of a number of mothers and the soundtrack features I Hurt So I Cry and an excerpt of Hope Springs.


Throughout the rest of the year, she is working on her first Laura LAIR album, has collaborative tracks coming out on various labels and has more meditation and sound healing releases on her own Cyclic Self label.


I Hurt So I Cry is her second release on Eotrax.


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